From a garage to the whole world. Ours is a story of passion and innovation, cornerstones that have allowed us to face the challenges of modernity and globalization. We are happy to share it with you, because we believe that knowing how to read the past is the only way to move towards the future.


The Beginnings

Everything starts from a small garage, from which Giorgio Fanti gives life to his project focused on giving a new life to metal packaging. The idea comes from the recovery of empty tuna cans that could be harvested after the liberation of Bologna by the US Army.


Getting bigger

The purchase of the first tinplate batch is for us one of the symbols of the evolution from a small local producer to a major player in the business.


Building up an industry

The first automatic machine for assembling the tinplate cans is purchased.


Metal pails

The acquisition of ICM in Montechiarugolo, specialized in the production of metal pails, represents the first of many steps aimed at expanding its range and gaining experience and knowledge.


Going international

With the birth of Gruppo Italiano Imballaggi, production begins at our factory in Bucharest (Romania). We consider this milestone a bridge to Eastern Europe.


Shaping an European network

We start a business partnership with Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH, one of the main European producer of tinplate packaging for general line.


Across the continental borders

We open our production plant in Tver (Russia), under the name "ICE-RU: Innovative Canmakers of Europe" with our business partner BL Germany.


Including plastic

Gruppo Fanti begins with rounds of acquisition aimed at expanding its reach. Plastic packaging is the first milestone: this year marks the acquisition of plastic pail manufacturing company "P.cans".


Hybrid packaging

Within the plastic packaging business, hybrid cans are certainly a crucial item which Gruppo Fanti intends include in its product range: for this reason, hybrid can manufacturer "Polibox Italiana" was acquired.


Specializing in food

In 2018, the acquisition of food can producer "Venegoni" allowed for business expansions, venturing beyond the general line can business into food & beverages.


Synergizing plastic

"Fantiplast" is established to synergize plastic packaging production within Gruppo Fanti.


Iberian market

With the acquisition of Industrias Sanz we have expanded our network of synergies to offer our customers an ever better service and product.


A worldwide operation

With the establishment of a new production site in West Virginia (USA), we will reconnect with the roots of Giorgio’s initial project. In our 75th Anniversary, we are proud to say that Gruppo Fanti is going to manufacture high quality packaging over 3 different continents.