Fanti Group wins CONAI award for packaging sustainability for three years in a row

Fanti Group award winner in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Fanti Group has joined the tender for environmental protection organized by CONAI, the Italian Packaging Consortium, and won the award for three years in a row, including a special prize for steel packaging in 2015.

Optimization of the production process

In 2015 Giorgio Fanti S.p.A. won the special prize for steel packaging. The award-winning intervention consisted in optimizing the production process. Likewise, in 2017 Giorgio Fanti S.p.A. won the award thanks to a modification aimed at optimizing the chuck base for the production of components.

Reduction of processing waste

In 2016 our subsiadiry ICM was also awarded. In both cases, the prize was awarded for obtaining considerable savings on raw materials in the processing waste.

Why is the CONAI award so important?
Fanti Group pursues the targets of packaging sustainability and recycling set by the EU regulations

  • The CONAI prevention tender aims at rewarding the most innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions on the market. The purpose of the tender is therefore to enhance the environmental sustainability of packaging.
  • The prize is awarded to those who invest in prevention activities aimed at the environmental sustainability of their packaging, acting on at least one of the following levers: reuse, facilitation of recycling activities, saving of raw material, use of materials from recycling, optimization of logistics , simplification of the packaging system and optimization of production processes.
  • By participating to the tenders, Fanti Group has contributed to a reduction in the environmental impact of packaging by measurable amounts of -22% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, a decrease in energy consumption of 21%, and savings 25% water.


In addition to being hygienic, safe, unbreakable and reliable, metal packaging is environmentally friendly, with CO2 emissions among the lowest compared to other materials. They are also fully recyclable for countless times and ranked first in the recycling rate in Europe. For more information on the concept of "Metal Recycles Forever" please have a look at:

In 2016, more than 300,000 tons of steel were recycled in Italy alone. The use of this material is 100% recyclable and is crucial for the sustainability of the planet in which we live. For years, Gruppo Fanti has been actively involved in the activities of the Consorzio Ricrea and in the production, promotion and distribution of metal packaging. To find out more, we invite you to visit the Consorzio Recrea webpage.