Screw plastic spout with seal

User friendly closure with sealing properties

The special plastic cap allows for product conservation as well as an easy way to open the can and close it multiple times

What are the advantages?

  • Easy open-close system.
  • No tools needed to open the can.
  • Plastic warranty seal.
  • Stackable : the cans can be placed upon each other.
  • Automatic closure.
  • Several lid colours available.

Eco-Rivest – Plastic bag inliner for pails with diameter 292 mm

A brand new item designed for recycling

Eco-compatible inside lining for metal and plastic pails patended by our partner company Polibox Italiana

What are the advantages?

  • Ready to use, no additional work needed
  • Easy to remove
  • Highly resistant to scratches during the mixing of the product
  • We supply the pails with the inliner already inserted
  • Sharp and clean look of the inliner
  • Perfectly adherent to the pail
  • The pails are nestable
  • The pails with ECO-RIVEST come with UN approved ring & latch closure.